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The Haven Series

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Welcome to Haven

Embark on an unforgettable journey to the rugged coast of Maine with the Haven series, a heartwarming Christian romance series that weaves tales of love, faith, and redemption.


In Seascapes, Kate Winters grapples with a mysterious past and discovers the healing power of forgiveness alongside a newfound love.


Sand Dollars follows Sabrina Martin and Lucas Grant as they find solace and trust in each other against the backdrop of a charming seaside town.


In Seaside Chapel, Fiona Gilliam and Peter Grant navigate the delicate balance between personal desires and divine calling, unraveling a story of enduring love and unwavering faith.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of Maine's landscapes and the transformative power of God's grace in this enchanting series that captures the essence of love's triumph over adversity.

Book 1

Released - June 2020

A childhood of pain. A mysterious necklace. A hope for the future.


On the rugged coast of Maine, where crashing waves meet ancient cliffs, Kate Winters discovers more than just the local art. She starts her second chance-a chance to heal, to love, and to belong.

Haunted by a past she's fought to forget, Kate's world is upended when a mysterious package arrives. Childhood memories threaten to engulf her. Can she risk letting others in, especially after meeting Drew Grant? Drew barges into her life, making her face things she's been avoiding. His presence is both a challenge and an invitation-one that Kate can't ignore.

But her heart bears scares. She's vowed never to give it away again, fearing the pain of betrayal. As Kate grapples with forgiveness for those who wronged her, she finds refuge in the stained-glass windows of a nearby church. She seeks solace in the One who truly forgives.

Amidst the salt-kissed air, Kate wonders if love can bloom.

Seascapes is the enchanting first installment of the Haven series by Evelyn Grace. The story invites readers to explore the delicate dance between forgiveness and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Dive into this sweet romance and discover the healing power of love.

Sand Dollars
Book 2

Released  - July 2021

She’s looking for a new start. He’s looking for healing. Can they help each other find their way?

Sabrina Martin’s fast-paced life in New York City takes an unexpected turn when she meets the man of her dreams—or so she thought. But truth unravels, and lies weigh heavily on her heart. Sabrina no longer knows whom to trust. Seeking solace, she heads north to her old stomping grounds in Maine, hoping to find safety and rediscover what is true.

Lucas Grant, once a dedicated cop in Miami, now grapples with haunting memories. The fateful day he lost not only his partner but also his fiancée still haunts him. Relocating to Haven was supposed to offer respite from those painful memories. Yet, fate intervenes when he crosses paths with Sabrina Martin. Now, Lucas faces a dilemma: Can he trust his heart to someone who won’t betray him again?

In Sand Dollars, the second book of the Haven series, readers will return to this charming coastal town, where new characters emerge, and familiar faces reappear. Amidst love, faith, and second chances, the story explores what it truly means to put your trust in God.

Seaside Chapel 
Book 3

Released - October  2022

She knows what she wants, but will her temper get in the way? He has one focus and it’s not her.

Fiona Gilliam is a woman who knows her heart’s desire: Peter Grant. Since the day they met over two years ago, she’s felt an undeniable connection. Just when Fiona believes Peter is ready to commit, he changes the game plan.

Peter, however, feels a divine calling—to lead his church with unwavering devotion. Right now, that’s all he can afford to focus on. Between elders resigning and the women’s auxiliary staging a mutiny, his plate is overflowing. Pursuing a relationship seems impossible.

Yet, as the coastal waves crash against the Seaside Chapel, Fiona and Peter grapple with their feelings. Will they find a way to align their desires with God’s plan for their future? Or will their stubborn hearts continue to collide, threatening to keep them apart?

Seaside Chapel is the third installment in the enchanting Haven series—a tale of faith, love, and the unpredictable tides of life.

Seashore Dreams
Book 4

Released  - March 2024

In the quaint coastal town of Haven, where crashing waves and salt-kissed air weave their magic, two souls find solace and redemption.

Ava McGovern is a spirited woman with an indomitable will, who carries the weight of her past. Grieving the loss of her father and stifled by her overbearing mother, she escapes the heartland of Missouri to seek refuge on the rugged shores of Maine. There, she rehabs the old lighthouse keeper’s cottage as she tries to put her own life back together. With only her loyal German Shepherd, Pip, by her side, Ava embarks on a journey of healing and self-discovery.

Manny Grant, the youngest Grant brother, is a man of trying to figure out where he lands in life and within his family. After abandoning his college dreams, he sought refuge in Haven, drawn by the magnetic pull of family ties. As a handyman working alongside his older brother, Drew, Manny grapples with questions about his own origins. Adopted by the Grants after being found wandering the sun-soaked streets of Miami as a toddler, he yearns to uncover the truth about his biological parents. But deeper still, he wrestles with his faith and identity in Christ.

When Ava’s world collides with Manny’s on a sun-drenched beach, fate intervenes. She stumbles into his life, literally falling at his feet, and promptly faints. Their connection is electric—a divine encounter that defies logic. As they navigate the rocky shores of love and faith, Ava and Manny discover that sometimes the most profound transformations occur when we surrender to true belief.

Seashore Dreams is a tale of redemption, forgiveness, and the enduring power of love. Join Ava and Manny as they navigate the tempests of their hearts, guided by a love that transcends time and circumstance. Will they find their happily ever after amidst the crashing waves and seashore dreams?

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