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The Haven Series

Welcome to Haven

Embark on an unforgettable journey to the rugged coast of Maine with the Haven series, a heartwarming Christian romance trilogy that weaves tales of love, faith, and redemption.


In Seascapes, Kate Winters grapples with a mysterious past and discovers the healing power of forgiveness alongside a newfound love.


Sand Dollars follows Sabrina Martin and Lucas Grant as they find solace and trust in each other against the backdrop of a charming seaside town.


In Seaside Chapel, Fiona Gilliam and Peter Grant navigate the delicate balance between personal desires and divine calling, unraveling a story of enduring love and unwavering faith.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of Maine's landscapes and the transformative power of God's grace in this enchanting series that captures the essence of love's triumph over adversity.

Book 1

Released - June 2020

A childhood of pain. A mysterious necklace. A hope for the future.


Kate Winters loves selling local art on the rocky coast of Maine – until a mysterious package shows up and her past threatens to overtake her.


She’s worked so hard for so long to forget her childhood, and now here it is again. She must decide if letting others into her life is even possible, especially after she meets Drew Grant. Drew barges into Kate’s life one day, refusing to leave. How does he fit into all that is going on right now? Can she learn to forgive those who have wronged her? Or will the sins in her past consume her future?

Kate finds refuge in the stories behind the stained-glass windows at a nearby church. As the mystery behind the necklace is brought to life, she must learn to face the past and find solace in the One who truly forgives.

Seascapes, the first book in the Haven series by Evelyn Grace, explores what it means to find forgiveness and embrace the hope of the future.

Sand Dollars
Book 2

Released  - July 2021

She’s looking for a new start. He’s looking for healing. Can they help each other find their way?

Sabrina Martin enjoys her fast-paced life working in New York City until she meets the man of her dreams…or so she thought. Truth is no longer true. Lies have too much weight. Sabrina doesn’t know who to trust and only knows she needs a new start. She heads north towards her old stomping grounds in Maine. She needs time to figure out what is safe and true.

Lucas Grant loved being a cop in Miami. But he needed to escape the memories of the fateful day he lost not only his partner, but his fiancée as well. Relocating to Haven was supposed to help him get away from the memories. Then he meets Sabrina Martin. Now he’s trying to figure out if he can trust his heart to someone who won’t betray him…again.

Return to Haven to meet new characters and say hello again to some familiar ones. Book two in the Haven series will explore what it means to put your trust in God.

Seaside Chapel 
Book 3

Released - October 1, 2022

She knows what she wants, but will her temper get in the way? He has one focus and it’s not her.

Fiona Gilliam is a woman who knows what she wants and what she wants, is Peter Grant. She has almost since the day she met him, over two years ago. Just when she thinks he’s ready to make a commitment, he changes the game plan.

Peter feels God calling him to focus solely on leading his church... alone. And right now, that’s all he has time for. Between elders resigning and the ladies auxiliary staging a mutiny, he barely has time to think let alone pursue a woman. Now, if he could just get his heart on board.

Will Fiona and Peter be able to truly see God’s plan for their future, or will they continue to get in each other’s way?

Join as we return to Haven, Maine in book three of the Haven series.

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