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The stories on this page are stand alone stories set in Haven. There may be character overlaps, but they do not follow the main storyline. Enjoy!

Saltwater Orchard

Ryann has been a single mom for seven years. Life has taken some unexpected turns and when she finds herself with the prospect of either living out of her car or squatting in an empty barn, she opts for the barn. Not realizing the new owner is someone from her past.

Richard thought he was on the fast track to become a vice-president of Central Bank. His girlfriend had his life all planned out. Until he finds out his uncle left Richard his apple orchard. He hadn't planned on moving to Haven, but at the prospect of the farm being using for fire training, he had no choice. He heads to the small town to try to reclaim the farm and make it profitable. And on his first night there, he discovers something unexpected.

Will Ryann and Richard be able to move forward instead of being stuck in the past? Can they trust God with not only their life but with their hearts?

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